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Waste Type Profile: Glass

Glass waste is a common issue across the globe. Because glass is 100% recyclable without loss of purity or quality, it can be reused and recycled over and over again. Recycling this material can be of great benefit to many businesses. Crushing glass is a cost effective solution because recycling waste glass is a more sustainable alternative in comparison to manufacturing new glass as this will lower your carbon footprint.


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How Rye River Brewing Company Are Saving on Glass Disposal Costs

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment BB022 MEGA JAWS INDUSTRIAL GLASS BOTTLE CRUSHERPEL Waste Reduction Equipment has installed a BB022 large capacity industrial glass bottle crusher in the Rye River Brewing Company. The BB022 will allow Rye River to efficiently manage waste glass bottles generated across their site and save on the overall handling and disposal costs of this waste.

The Rye River Brewing Company, based in Celbridge, Kildare employs over 40 people across the production facility and the visitor centre located on the (more…)

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A Guide to Recycling Waste Glass Container

The Post-Consumer Glass Recycling System

Post-consumer-glass containers are made from naturally occurring sand, soda ash and limestone ingredients.  It’s the packaging material of choice for a majority of consumers, especially those concerned about their health and the environment. Glass is superior for preserving a product’s taste or flavour and maintaining the integrity or healthiness of foods and beverages.  It is the only packaging material guaranteed to leave your food and body untouched unlike others that have been proven to leach harmful chemicals. (more…)

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