Purchase and Rental

Each of our clients has a unique set of waste management challenges and requirements. With this in mind, PEL offer all clients a choice between purchase or rental agreements across our product ranges. We partner with our clients to ensure they receive the choose the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for their specific situation and its challenges.

The Value in Renting:

Waste disposal decisions can have a significant impact on a business. Many companies are now reassessing their waste disposal strategy and choosing to rent rather than purchase their waste handling and recycling equipment. If you own your waste disposal equipment outright, you may be tying up more time and money in maintenance, paperwork and depreciation than you realise. Even if your equipment is on lease, PEL recommends a careful examination of your total waste disposal systems and costs as the same issues may apply.

PEL customers have significantly lowered their on-going equipment operating costs, while increasing efficiency by choosing our All Inclusive Rental option. A PEL ‘All Inclusive Rental’ agreement means steady, manageable monthly payments, rather than a lump sum payment, making the cost easier to manage. As a business expense, rental costs are also tax deductible – another reason for considering the PEL All Inclusive Rental option for reducing your waste disposal costs.

Customer Benefits

The All Inclusive Rental program is only available from PEL. Under the terms of this agreement we offer our customers amazing benefits such as:

  • Pre-installation site inspection and consultation to identify optimum position for the machine.
  • Delivery and installation of the equipment is included – complete transparency on costs.
  • Onsite training and comprehensive operating instructions so machine starts reducing costs immediately.
  • Maintenance and service is included for the duration of the rental agreement.
  • An annual preventative maintenance inspection is included to ensure the machine is always operational.
  • Equipment is removed at the end of rental period and replaced with new equipment on renewal of original rental agreement.
  • Our clients are always assured of having state of the art equipment that is in excellent working condition.
  • Our service network is available seven days a week and will respond to all service calls within 2 to 4 hours of receipt of the call.

Client Responsibilities

On the agreement of a rental contract with PEL, we have a number of requirements that must be carried out by you and your business to facilitate the smooth installation and operation of your new waste handling equipment.

  • You must provide the electrical service required to operate the equipment that will be installed.
  • The service will include the installation of a fused disconnect within 1 meter of the final proposed panel location.
  • Electrical system maintenance fuses etc.
  • Cover all taxes where applicable.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • We recommend you provide a concrete pad on which the equipment can be installed.

A Strategy For Success

Each of our clients is unique and they all have individual challenges in relation to waste disposal, however, their overall waste handling needs are often very similar:

  • Poor storage space.
  • Excessive loose waste.
  • Rising waste disposal costs.

The PEL “All Inclusive Rental Program” addresses all of these issues, enabling our customers to meet their waste handling needs more cost effectively than their own internal structure may allow.
Regular maintenance and service is the key to keeping waste handling equipment functioning properly.
Often, due to the lack of staff or capital, this can’t be handled internally. By providing these services, the “All Inclusive Rental Program” decreases downtime, reduces associated costs and maximises efficiency.

PEL only offers rental agreements to clients in Ireland and the UK, for further information please contact our sales team sales@pelmfg.com