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Reducing volume is at the core of what we do at PEL. We manufacture a range of agricultural balers which allow farmers to keep silage wrap, haylage in a neat and tidy bale format for ease of storage, transportation or until ready for collection.

Challenges we will help you with

  • Litter
  • Collections
  • Time Saving



Agricultural plastics are recyclable but their management in a working yard can be problematic. Plastics like silage wraps, sheeting, animal meal bags and other materials are often bulky, so putting them in general waste bins is a very expensive and inefficient way of managing their disposal.



We can reduce the volume of waste silage wrap and therefore the number collections, or trips to the recycling centre, required. By baling waste silage wrap into neat bales, we reduce its volume so it takes up less space in the barn, the yard or on a trailer.

Time Saving

Time Saving

Baling waste silage wrap reduces the time it takes to gather excessive wrap for disposal. Our PEL TR Baler is designed to reduce waste wrap volume, enabling famers to maintain a cleaner and safer farming environment.


Person using laptop for PEL customer training waste disposal and reduction


We partner with our clients to reduce their waste disposal costs. All our clients have direct contact with us as the manufacturer and distributor of all our products.

Post installation, a member of the PEL Team will conduct extensive training with the client. We offer unlimited support and training across all product ranges. We provide this as an infinite service to all clients to ensure all products are being used to meet their full potential. Delivery of training is paramount for clients to understand how to use the equipment correctly. This ensures cost effective benefits and goals are met.

Purchase or Rental

Each of our clients has a unique set of challenges and requirements when it comes to waste management. With this in mind, PEL offer clients the option of a purchase or rental agreement across our product ranges. We partner with our clients to ensure they receive the most appropriate and cost effective solution to the problems identified.


Purchase Only
PEL are more than happy to facilitate the purchase of products across the ranges available. A standard 12 months warranty is included in the total cost of all new machines purchased from PEL.


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