BriteBin™ Software

Our award winning BriteBin™ software is the leading IT intelligence across the smart waste industry. The BriteBin™ Software solution operates wirelessly through the cloud. It generates real-time data transmitted across the Sigfox, NBIoT and GSM networks.

Software Solutions

The BriteBin™ Software solution allows customers to monitor fill-levels across their entire BriteBin™ fleet, and proactively deploy collection resources to only those bins requiring service. An integrated BriteBin™ sensor is mounted to the interior of the unit, which accurately monitors litter levels and communicates the fill-level alerts in real time to the PEL BriteBin™ data management platform. The BriteBin™ software processes the data received, and issues an alert via email or SMS to the appropriate authority when a bin needs to be emptied.

At PEL, we are constantly innovating. The BriteBin™ software is not limited to monitoring real-time street litter fill levels. There are a multitude of areas in which the BriteBin™ software can be applied effectively to reduce carbon emissions, lower costs and create efficiency across collection services for example:

  • Bottle Banks
  • Clothes Banks
  • Post Boxes
  • Underground Containers