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I was in Limerick (first time ever) last week for a concert and saw a familiar sight – plenty of PEL solar bins including recycling bins. We are delighted with our bins in Ards and North Down.

Alastair Kerr

Onsite at the Rye River Brewery we currently have a BB04 Mega Jaws Glass Bottle Crusher installed. Since installing the unit it has allowed for the swift controlled destruction of waste bottles on site which are a natural waste stream in our industry. It has also reduced the frequency of glass waste removal which has reduced our overall cost in this waste stream.

Our staff find the Mega Jaws BB04 extremely easy to use which is essential. It has a one button operation with no access to the rotating parts. There are also very effective safety interlocks ensuring staff safety at all times which is vital when it comes to waste glass.

Prior to the installation of the BB04 Mega Jaws, we were previously using glass bins and paying a monthly rental on these bins. While they were very effective, it required more precise management of pick up timings as they filled pretty quick and if not swapped out on time would result in waste being stored in an inefficient manner. The BB04 has eliminated this and there is a more streamline approach to our waste glass disposal.

PEL provided a professional service and prompt delivery. We have had no issues with the BB04. I would recommend it to any industry that has glass bottle waste. The space saving and speed at which the waste glass can be handled frees up so much time for other initiatives.

Damien Kenrick

At the Dingle Distillery, we have a PEL700 Baler that we purchased from PEL 8 years ago. Since then we have also added an Orwak 3420 which PEL have supplied to us on a rental contract.

Since installing the baler’s onsite we spend a reduced amount of time baling waste. The time spent loading bales with our cardboard collection company has also been reduced as we now use a forklift to load the bales. This has lowered the risk of possible injury for our staff.

The user instructions and training videos were made available, the operation of this PEL700 and Orwak 3420 is pretty fool proof. I dealt directly with Tommy, who was highly professional and answered all queries with great clarity. I would 100% recommend PEL and its waste handling equipment to other distilleries.

Patrick Foley

PEL has helped us with our glass bottle wastage since we opened our doors in August 2019. We use The PEL bottle crusher every week to break down the mass of our glass bottles so that we can dispose of the glass in an environmental manner. Every two weeks our crushed glass is collected and then we are practically glass free for the next two weeks.

The PEL bottle crusher is easy to operate. The staff that use the machine are very happy with the way in which it operates. Since we have installed the PEL bottle crusher we haven’t had a single problem with its efficiency or its reliability. Once the staff have the appropriate safety measures in place e.g (Safety gloves and protective goggles) The PEL bottle crusher is a breeze to work with.

Any time there ever was an issue with either the set-up or the installation of the PEL bottle crusher, the customer service team has been nothing but a delight to work with and our direct supplier is always there on hand when we need anything.

If you are not using PEL, where needed in your establishment I can’t imagine how else you could be efficiently managing your waste at all. Especially within the hospitality sector. It is key to have a good relationship with whoever is helping manage waste in your establishment but PEL makes it so much easier with our day to day tasks. I cannot recommend PEL enough to anyone who is either newly opening or who have been running establishments in hospitality sector for years. They just make life so much easier.

Alex Paton – General Manager

We use the PEL Bin Compactor on our general waste and recycling bins, and not only have we greatly reduced our waste costs, we have also reduced the number of bins in the yard which frees up space and tidies the place up. With the savings we are making on our waste costs, the PEL equipment will pay for itself in under a year. I would recommend PEL to any school and college.

Philip Tootill, House Manager for Oxford University

The PEL bottle crushers, bin compactor & baler are saving us a considerable amount of money on our waste disposal costs whilst at the same time creating space and generally tidying up the place around here – machines are easy to use, safe and I would highly recommend if looking for a straight forward cost saving measure.

David Morrissey
Director/area manager at The Porterhouse Central & Lillie’s Bordello

Since the installation of the PEL BriteBinTM we have reduced our number of collections from 3-4 times a day to now only requiring to empty 3-4 times a week. This has a knock-on effect in reducing our carbon emissions and the number of single use plastic bags being used by up to 70%. Wildlife such as birds can no longer pull out litter from the litter bins, keeping our streets Litter free.
The BriteBinTM software platform has allowed us to only empty bins when we receive an emailed or text alert that BriteBin requires emptying. We would highly recommend the PEL BriteBinTM as the benefits are clear to see.

Paul Paton
North East Lincolnshire