Support & Services

We partner with our clients to reduce their waste disposal costs. All of our clients have direct contact with us as the manufacturer and distributor of all of our product ranges.

Global Support

PEL operates internationally with the support of a robust distributor network. Having built strong business relationships we have the ability to facilitate the delivery of equipment and customer support to almost anywhere in the world.

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Each of our clients has a unique set of challenges and requirements when it comes to waste management. We provide clients with an installation service across all machines. We can conduct a pre installation site survey to access the best possible location for your piece of equipment.

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Customer Training

Post installation training is carried out onsite by a PEL Service Engineer. We offer unlimited support and training with all of our products because we believe it is important that our clients know how to get the best out of our equipment and their goals are met.

All units are supplied with a user manual, with clear, useful information on the operations and safety specifications of the machine.


All equipment manufactured by PEL comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and the optional Premium Maintenance Package. This package includes a full service which ensures the machine is operating to its highest standard. Rental agreements automatically include an annual maintenance service agreement. PEL recommend an annual service across all equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PEL Bin Compactor range uses a hydraulic cylinder to compact waste. An electric switch ensures the bins position before compacting.

As the BB01 Baby Jaws is located under the counter of a bar area, it crushes waste glass bottles after drinks are poured or as empty bottles are returned from the floor. Crushing the glass eliminates the need to manage empty bottles in the bar. This generates savings across labour and disposal costs.

The BB06 is a safe and easy machine to use. Its safety features include a door cut-off circuit, non-return rubber flaps and an emergency stop button. It also features an external filtration unit which extracts dust created during the crushing process.

PEL 700 baler should be located close to where waste is generated i.e a store room or unpacking area. If this is an outdoor location PEL recommend installing the unit in a covered location to preserve the heavy duty steel and operational functioning. 

PEL offer baler strapping for our range of PEL Balers.  An order can be placed for baler strapping through the shop on our website or alternatively you can contact us directly to discuss the options available.

The PEL 1100 BC offers a compaction ratio of 3:1 – however this ratio will be lower when compacting dense waste i.e. food or higher if compacting loose waste i.e. plastic or cardboard recycling.

The crushing process is carried out by two swinging, wear resistant hammers. The glass cullet produced drops into the designated collection container below. The glass is crushed to a cullet of 8mm, meaning it is reprocessable into new glassware.

If for any reason you discover that your waste reduction equipment is not working, make immediate contact with PEL. From here will commence a series of troubleshooting options over the phone to establish and resolve the issue encountered. In the event we fail to resolve the issue over the phone, we will schedule and deploy a service engineer for an onsite visit.