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PEL Wins the Public Sector Award for Innovation

PEL Wins the Public Sector Award for Innovation of the BriteBin™ software technology.


It has been announced this week that PEL is the winner of the Public Sector Award for Innovation 2021. This award is in recognition of the PEL BriteBin™ software technology. BriteBin™ is a cloud-based software solution. It empowers councils, local authorities and also private sector customers to cost-efficiently manage their waste collection services. This helps improve the environment and well-being of people living within their catchment area.

The Innovation Behind The Technology

The BriteBin™ technology data management dashboard provides visibility of fill-levels across the bin fleet, this facilitates the deployment of resources only to those bins requiring service. The current practice is to schedule bin collections irrespective of the volume of waste they contain, which more often than not is a wasteful use of this costly resource.  Individual bins equipped with a bin-fill level sensor feed data via the SigFox or the GSM network to the BriteBin™ console. Upon reaching its maximum fill level the BriteBin™ software will send an alert notification to the authorised authority. This allows resources to be deployed to only those bins requiring service  increases the efficiency of the collections service and reduces carbon emissions.

PEL is in a unique position within the industry, it is the innovator, manufacturer and distributor of all of its products. This provides the council, local authorities and private customers with the distinct advantage because they have direct input to help develop and customize existing products to their precise requirements in their county and local area. “Our customers have direct contact with us as the manufacturers and receive unlimited customer service and support” notes Tommy Griffith. PEL offers a wealth of experience in supplying waste reduction solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering cost effective solutions tailored to exceed customer requirements. PEL aims for continuous innovation and development by putting customer interaction at the forefront of their customer service. Building strong rapport plays a pivotal role in the end to end delivery of the PEL products and services.

To find out more about the BriteBin™ and the range of bins available click here for more information.

PEL would like to thank the Public Sector for the award. We are thrilled to receive the recognition for our BriteBin™ software technology.


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SolarStreetBin™ Installed at Wiesbaden Germany

PEL Wins Contract to Supply US Army

SolarStreetBin™ Installed Clay Kaserne United States Army Base


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Wheelie Bins Now Available Online

Wheelie Bins Now Available Online

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment are now supplying Wheelie bins to the Irish market – this new addition to our range adds to the wide range of consumables including bale strapping, wheelie bins and refuse bags we supply at the most competitive prices on the market.

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment are now in a position to offer Wheelie bins to the Irish market – these wheelie bins offer enhanced manoeuvrability and safety over similar bins available. Handles are designed to facilitate easy collection and sound-proofing features (more…)

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How Rye River Brewing Company Are Saving on Glass Disposal Costs

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment BB022 MEGA JAWS INDUSTRIAL GLASS BOTTLE CRUSHERPEL Waste Reduction Equipment has installed a BB022 large capacity industrial glass bottle crusher in the Rye River Brewing Company. The BB022 will allow Rye River to efficiently manage waste glass bottles generated across their site and save on the overall handling and disposal costs of this waste.

The Rye River Brewing Company, based in Celbridge, Kildare employs over 40 people across the production facility and the visitor centre located on the (more…)

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PEL Waste Reduction Equipment Customer Covid-19 Update

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment Covid-19 Update

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment are continuing to support our distribution partners during the current difficult times with our design, logistics, finance, customer support and sales departments all working from their respective home locations during the lock-down.

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we want to reassure you that all at PEL Waste Reduction Equipment are working hard to provide our customers with the products and services required and it is ‘business-as-usual’ in so much as is possible for us here in Ireland.

During the enforced lock-down, we have accelerated the product development projects in our innovation lab, been working with our supply chain and upskilling our support functions so that PEL Waste Reduction Equipment will be best positioned to support our customer’s efforts to re-start business once economic activity re-commences. (more…)

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Tommy Griffith Q&A with Council Review

Council Review Q&A with Tommy Griffith

Tommy Griffith recently gave an interview with the Council Review where he discussed the merits of the SolarStreetBin™.

The Council Review includes expert opinion and analysis on the changing face of local government in Ireland and is circulated to local authority chief executives and senior officials, and city and county councillors, in addition to government ministers, state and semi-state agencies, trade union bodies and public sector and employer organisations. Tommy Griffith spoke with the Council Review recently to provide some insights on PEL Waste Reduction Equipment and  discussed the SolarStreetBin™ in detail and how it adds value for councils on their litter collections process.

You can read the full interview here – (more…)

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