About Us

We are PEL, Professional Environmental Leaders!

PEL is an innovative, Irish owned manufacturer of waste reduction equipment, serving customers all over the world, from the heart of Co. Mayo. Our mission is to supply dynamic, ground-breaking waste handling solutions, that exceed expectations in quality, efficiency, deliverability and most importantly cost!

Our team is passionate about helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment. We work with clients, in a variety of sectors, to identify their needs, issues and concerns in all areas of waste management. By partnering with them and understanding their challenges, we reduce their waste disposal costs significantly, while providing other benefits such as freeing up space and labour.

We offer waste handling solutions that include patented glass bottle crushers, balers for cardboard and plastic, and an extensive range of refuse bin compactors. We are continuously innovating and expanding our product range, which includes a range of solar compacting BriteBins™ designed, developed and manufactured by PEL in Mayo.

Our experienced customer service team is available to discuss your waste management strategy and to give you the best, objective advice on the right waste reduction solutions for your specific circumstances and challenges.

  1. 2005

    PEL is founded by CEO Tommy Griffith. Following a conversation with the owner of a nightclub, Tommy identified an opportunity and need for a product that would reduce waste glass bottle volume across the hospitality sector. In the same year PEL’s first JAWS Bottle Crusher was developed, manufactured and brought to market. The first PEL manufacturing facility was established in Brownhall Co. Mayo.

  2. 2006

    Tommy Griffith recognised as the ‘Shell Live Wire’ – Young Entrepreneur of the year

  3. 2007

    Tommy Griffith and PEL received the Mayo Best New Business Award.

  4. 2008

    PEL Wins Irish Exports Association ‘First for Flight Exporters Award’. This award, sponsored by Enterprise Ireland, recognises the achievements of companies that are successful in entering an export market for the first time. PEL was recognised as a new, stand out exporter of waste handling equipment.

  5. 2009

    PEL CEO Tommy Griffith is recognised as an emerging talent and is a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. As well as featuring as a finalist in the Bank of Ireland Bright Ideas Challenge.

  6. 2011

    PEL UK Rental is established and Gerry O’Boyle is appointed as UK National Sales Manager. The PEL UK Rental office was opened in London.

  7. 2013

    Tommy Griffith recognised as the JCI ‘Most Outstanding Young Person of the Year’.

  8. 2014

    Success for Baby Jaws! The world’s only under-the-counter glass bottle crusher is launched and wins the Gulfood ‘Product of the Show’ award in Dubai UAE.

  9. 2016

    PEL launched a range for solar powered bin compactors which is recognised as the ‘Best Environmental Sustainably Initiative’ at the Gulfood 2016 show in Dubai UAE.

  10. 2017

    PEL launched the BriteBin™ range of solar compacting and non-compacting smart bins.

  11. 2019

    PEL won the Irish Times National award.

    PEL acquire New manufacturing facility in Ballindine Co. Mayo.

    PEL won the Enterprise Ireland ‘Manufacturing and Design Innovation Award’ for the BriteBin™. Due to expansion across production lines and growth of business, PEL relocated to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ballindine Co. Mayo.

  12. 2020

    PEL move into new state of the art Manufacturing facility in Ballindine Co. Mayo.

    PEL received the ‘Public Sector Excellence in Business Award for Innovation’ for the BriteBin™.

  13. 2021

    PEL received the ‘Public Sector Excellence in Business Award for Innovation’ for the BriteBin™ Technology and data management platform.


PEL’s head office and manufacturing facility is located in Ballindine Co. Mayo, in the West of Ireland, having relocated from the original facility in Brownhall, Balla. Through the facility the PEL team manufactures all of our products under the ISO 9001 standard of procedure.PEL is also ISO14001 certified.

We operate a busy production floor, where we have four active assembly production lines

  1. BriteBins™
  2. Jaws Bottle Crushers
  3. PEL Balers
  4. PEL Bin Compactors.

Our manufacturing facility is a fast-paced and innovative space, where collaborative thinking, research and design are at the fore.

Meet the Team

PEL strives to provide a work environment where our employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence and innovation. We have a dedicated team on site and on the road providing high quality customer service.

At PEL we try to create a work environment in which our people can achieve their potential … and more. We work in an atmosphere in which everyone’s contribution is appreciated, in the quest of excellence and innovation. We have a dedicated team on site and on the road, providing high quality customer service and helping our customers get the best out of our products.