3 Steps to Reduce your Business Waste this Festive Season

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In the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush, businesses often grapple with accumulating waste – whether it’s surplus packaging or an abundance of glass bottles. Navigating this build up can pose a challenge. We’ve complied a list of 3 steps you can take to reduce your businesses waste with sustainable waste solutions from PEL. From our PEL Balers to our PEL Glass Bottle Crushers to our PEL Bin Compactors we have the innovative solution for you.

1. Waste Audit and Assessment 

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The first step you can take is to initiate a comprehensive waste audit and assessment in your business to identify areas where waste management can be improved. This includes managing plastic, cardboard, and glass through compacting and recycling, as well as identifying what products can help with this.

Identify specific areas of excessive waste generation and begin to develop plans you can take to reduce it. Collaborating with your staff can help you pinpoint aspects of the business that require attention in waste reduction.

The final step of this audit is determining the quantity and type of waste your business produces. Consider products such as PEL Bin Compactors. These compactors can reduce the volume of your waste in areas that it is not possible to reduce waste completely. The PEL Bin Compactors can reduce the volume of 3 bins to just 1. These compactors can significantly reduce waste volume, leading to potential cost savings of up to 66%. By compacting bins, you can save space on your premises, reduce collection frequency, save money, and decrease your carbon footprint.


Bin Compactor crushing bins reducing volume


At PEL we have a range of sizes available in all our products to suit your business needs. In our range of PEL Bin Compactors, we offer sizes ranging from 240 litre, 360, 660 litre and 1100 litre. So, whatever your business needs whether it is a small Bin Compactor to reduce lower amounts of waste in the back of house, or if you need a larger industrial sized compactor to manage large quantities of waste, we have the sustainable waste solution.

2. Packaging Alternatives

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Another step to reducing your waste this season is addressing the issue of excessive waste from plastic and carboard by looking at more sustainable waste solutions. A large amount of waste in a business is created from plastic and cardboard packaging on stock received. Opting for alternatives with more eco-friendly packaging that may create less excess waste is a good start to reducing waste across your business.

Consider the PEL Baler Range for products where reducing packaging may not be feasible. PEL Balers are suitable for cardboard and plastic. With their easy-to-use design you can create recyclable bales in house. PEL Balers eliminate the need for waste bins and skips you need to store this plastic and carboard waste, as well as reducing the amount of waste disposal pickups you will need.

There is also a range of sizes for the PEL Baler to suit your business needs. From our PEL 200 Baler that is compact in size with a small footprint producing small bales weighing between 25 and 40kg, perfect for small businesses; to our PEL 700 Baler producing bales weighing between 50-70kg for higher volumes and our largest size, the PEL 1500 Baler for industrial waste producing bales weighing between 150-180kg. Our balers can help meet your business needs, reducing volume making the waste into an easy-to-handle bale, cutting your refuse costs and shrinking your environmental impact.

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3. Glass Reduction 

bb01 under counter bottle crusher sustainable waste solution


Glass waste can often contribute to a large amount of business waste. Recycling this glass is a great way for your business to sustainably reduce their waste this festive Season.

Our range of PEL Jaws Glass Bottle Crushers can help you achieve this. Breaking the bottle down into glass cullets, your glass not only takes up a fraction of the space but  is now re-processable for recycling. Once again PEL offer a range of sizes for your business’s needs.

Our under-counter bottle crusher is perfect for ease of use. With a compact size the BB01 will fit under the counter of any standard bar and hold up to 90 crushed bottles in its tote box. For higher glass volumes there is the BB04 Mega Jaws. This unit collects glass in a 140litre wheelie bin and holds 680 crushed bottles. This machine is standalone and for back of house. Our BB09 is the next size up. The PELBB09 Mighty JAWS Bottle Crusher is a high-capacity standalone glass bottle crusher that will save on labour, storage and overall waste glass disposal costs. This unit is  in house for quick access to waste glass disposal in busy establishments such as pubs, bars and nightclubs.

Finally, our largest size glass bottle crusher is the BB22 Bottle Crusher. This machine is a high-capacity bottle breaker capable of crushing up to 6000 bottles. This is ideal for events where large quantities of waste glass are being produced.

glass cullets sustainable waste solution


The PEL Glass Bottle Crushers, whichever size suits your business are an asset to any business producing glass. These sustainable waste solutions can help staff efficiency, reducing space, reducing disposal costs. With the ability to recycle the glass cullets  back into glass you are also doing your bit for the environment.


Look no further than PEL in reducing your business waste this busy season. With a wealth of experience in supplying bespoke waste handling solutions we can fulfil the needs of your business. We offer a complete solution from initial consultation, prototyping, design, manufacturing, installation and support. PEL pride ourselves on delivering cost effective solutions tailored to exceed our customer requirements.
PEL offers a wealth of experience in supplying bespoke waste handling solutions to fulfil the need for a range of markets. Our clients include councils, local authorities and private sector clients.
We offer a complete solution from initial consultation, prototyping, design, manufacturing, installation and support. PEL pride ourselves on delivering cost effective solutions tailored to exceed our customer requirements. If you are ready to reduce your waste with sustainable waste solutions and help push toward a greener future contact us today.

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PEL in Ballindine, Co. Mayo is a leading manufacturer of bottle crushers, bin compactors, vertical balers and IoT litter bins serving a global customer base via offices in Ireland, the UK and a network of international distributors. The BriteBin™ is the latest addition to the product range and adds to PEL’s recognition as leading innovator in the waste reduction market.

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