Meet The Team

Meet the Team! At PEL we pride ourselves on our hardworking and innovative team that make up the core of the business and ensure its smooth operations. PEL strives to provide a work environment where our employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence and innovation.

Aine McGee


Aine is a recent addition to the team joining as the marketing manager. A recent graduate of Nui Galway, Aine has previously worked in digital marketing and content creation. Aine is responsible for PR, social media management and content marketing for PEL. Aine works closely with senior management and the sales team to grow brand awareness for PEL.

Tommy Griffith


Tommy is the CEO of PEL and a qualified Mechanical Engineer. With over 25 years’ experience in the product development, manufacturing and commercial management, Tommy has pioneered a robust portfolio of innovative waste handling solutions for market.

Martina Gilligan

Chief Financial Officer

Martina offers over 20 years’ experience in Financial Management and is a CPA qualified Accountant. Martina is a direct point of contact for all financial matters associated with the rental and purchase of PEL waste handling equipment.

Sue-Ellen Griffith

Business Development Manager

Sue-Ellen is the PEL Business Development Manager. With over 20 years’ experience in the financial sector, working as a Business Relationship Manager for Bank of Ireland, Sue-Ellen holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from NUI Galway, as well as a higher diploma in Education. Sue-Ellen joined the PEL team in 2017 and plays an integral role in the growth and development of the business, contributing a wealth of experience gained from her years working in the financial sector.

Kieran O’Malley

Customer Support for Towns and Cities

Kieran is our customer service and support representative across our range of Solar compacting BriteBin™. Kieran liaises with County Councils and Local Authorities to introduce a street waste manage solution to their area. Kieran holds experience in project management, customer support and the commissioning, servicing and maintenance of the BriteBin™ and other waste reduction equipment across a number of different industries. With 5 years customer service experience, Kieran is the PEL point of contact for training and support across our BriteBin™ data management platform.

David Turner

Customer Support for Hospitality and Retail

David  is our inhouse customer service representative for clients within the Hospitality and Retail sector. David brings over 15 years customer service experience, having worked within the hospitality and retail sectors for many years. David contributes his knowledge from working in these industries to help clients identify and find an appropriate solution to their waste management.

Gerry O’Boyle

National Sales Manager

Gerry has developed a large network of contacts over the course of his career established from growing a number of pub businesses. Using his industry knowledge, Gerry has worked with PEL to expand our business into the UK markets since 2011. Gerry plays an integral role as our direct point of contact for all business throughout the UK.

Dean Glavey

Procurement Officer

Dean is the PEL Procurement Officer and is responsible for all component procurement to facilitate the manufacturing of all PEL’s waste handling solutions. Dean has experience working on the PEL production floor and holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering.

Michael Toughey

Research and Development Manager

Michael is the PEL R&D Manager and has over 25 years’ experience in new product development within the engineering industry. Michael is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and is the main point of contact for any research and development initiatives between PEL and our clients.

Fiona Tighe

Operations Manager

Fiona has over 15 years’ experience in the production and manufacturing environment both in Ireland and overseas in the US. Fiona is the key link between customer and production. Ensuring production schedules run on time and working closely with the Sales team to ensure customers receive top quality products in an efficient and cost effective manner. Fiona continually looks to improve processes to ensure we provide innovative products and technologies to meet our customer’s needs with sustainability at the heart of all our processes.

Marcus McGough

Service Engineer

Marcus is the PEL service engineer. Marcus holds a National Certificate in Electronic Engineering from GMIT and is the leading provider of service support for all of our clients across Ireland. Marcus offers 13 years’ national and international experience in the servicing and installation of waste reduction equipment. Marcus assists customers with site surveys, installations, commissioning, training and maintenance of all PEL equipment.

Eimear Brennan

Logistics Administrator

Eimear joined the PEL team with 10 years’ experience in the retail sector. Eimear is responsible for the supply chain management of PEL. She works closely with the production team and PEL’s customers to ensure the efficient planning and coordinating of product delivery. In addition at the heart of this is sustainably logistics where Eimear emphasises a reduced environmental footprint for PEL’s freight, logistics and supply chain practices.  

Lynn O’Toole

Office Manager

Lynn plays a pivotal role in the PEL team. Lynn brings over 20 years’ experience to the role of Office Manager. A graduate of NUI Maynooth and further studies completed in Michael Smurfit School of Business Lynn is also fluent in French. Lynn coordinates office administration and procedures, in order to ensure organisational effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. Lynn has developed a very specific understanding of our customers’ requirements and is a key support to customer and staff within PEL.

PEL waste reduction equipment team mayo support

Careers at PEL

PEL strives to provide a work environment where our employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence and innovation. We are always seeking new innovative and talented individuals to join our team.