The SolarStreetBin™ from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment has been selected as one of the 15 finalists in the Irish Times Innovation Awards for 2019.  The finalists were chosen from more than 100 applications and the winners of the five categories will be announced at a ceremony at the RDS in Dublin on Tuesday, November 5th 2019.

The Irish Times Innovation Awards showcase and reward excellence in product and service innovation across five separate categories each year. The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment SolarStreetBin™ has been selected as one of the three finalists in the Enterprise Ireland sponsored, Manufacturing and Design Category which recognises innovations in engineering, design and the production of industrial and consumer products. The selected finalists have been invited to pitch their innovations to a final group of judges later this month where the eventual winner will be the solution which demonstrates a proven and measurable impact in both qualitative and quantitative terms in the target market.

The SolarStreetBin™ is a heavy-duty connected litter bin coupled with a software application which allows Councils and Municipals to improve the efficiencies and save on the costs of their litter bin collections service. The product incorporates an on-board solar powered motorised compaction system which increases the SolarStreetBin™’s litter holding capacity by up to 10 times. Standard collection equipment can service the SolarStreetBin™ and the x10 capacity significantly increases the litter holding capacity of the bin. It also features an integrated wireless bin-fill sensor which monitors litter levels in real time, communicates bin-fill level data to PEL Waste Reduction Equipment’s programmable BriteBin™ data management platform which, in turn issues an alert when a bin needs to be emptied. This real time monitoring and alert capability lets the customer focus their litter collection resources on only those bins, which require servicing, thus increasing the overall efficiency of the collection service.

Numerous contract wins and installations across Ireland, the UK, Europe and the USA over the last 12-18 months have demonstrated the value of the SolarStreetBin™. PEL Waste Reduction Equipment will be presenting the qualitative and quantitative importance of the product to the judging panel later this month and look forward to participating in the awards ceremony itself in early November 2019.

About PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment based in Balla, Co. Mayo is a leading manufacturer of bottle crushers, bin compactors, vertical balers and IoT litter bins serves a global customer base via offices in Ireland, the UK and a network of international distributors.  The SolarStreetBin™ is the latest addition to the product range and adds to PEL’s recognition as leading innovator in the waste reduction market.

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