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The SolarStreetBinTM is a solar powered compacting litter bin designed to save public and private companies on the total cost of their litter collection service. It is ideal for car parks, for streets, in public parks, outside retail premises or in any location where large volumes of litter are generated. The SolarStreetBinTM accommodates a standard 120 Litre or 240 Litre wheelie bin – it will hold a bag for those customers managing their litter waste in bags. Typically the SolarStreetBinTM reduces litter collection visits by up to 90% by means of an internal solar powered compaction system and an integrated bin-fill sensor coupled with BriteBinTM software.

The compaction capability increases the SolarStreetBinTM capacity by up to x10 over a normal non-compacting bin. The cloud-based BriteBinTM software compiles data from the individual bins and generates wireless alerts when bins are full and collection. The software also compiles collection routes for only those bins requiring servicing – saving on time, reducing traffic and associated emissions and ultimately cutting collection costs.

The SolarStreetBin™ Products

The increased capacity and bin-fill level intelligence allows the customer to focus their collection resources on only those bins needing service.  Unsightly and expensive over-flowing bins are eliminated with the BriteBinTM software monitoring bin-fill levels and utilisation of the intelligent route planning feature within the software reduces collections traffic and associated emissions.  Contact PEL Waste Reduction Equipment today and ask about how our SolarStreetBinTM technology coupled with superior technical experience and ongoing support will improve efficiencies, reduce emissions and save on your overall litter collection costs.

The PEL IoT Bin is the non-compacting version of the SolarStreetBinTM and is provided with the BriteBinTM software onboard.

The SolarStreetBinTM  and PEL IoT Bin are the latest additions to the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment product family which includes a range of waste glass bottle crushers, a number of refuse bin compactors & cardboard & plastic vertical balers which produce bales weighing from 25Kg to 500Kg.

All PEL Waste Reduction Equipment products are designed, developed and manufactured in Ireland, are compliant with the ISO9001 Quality Standard and are CE Certified.

Please note: the SolarStreetBinTM & PEL IoT Bin are supplied with wheelie bin & ashtray as standard.


SolarStreetBin™ Brochure

SolarStreetBin™ Case Study - Port of Galway


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What our Clients sayAbout PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

  • Niall Kelly

    Niall Kelly

    Regional Procurement Manager | Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

    The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment range of bin compactors, balers and bottle crushers have generated significant waste disposal cost savings and increased staff efficiencies across the Rezidor Hotel Group over the course of the last 4 years. I have no hesitation in recommending PEL’s range of equipment.

  • Jamie Williams

    Jamie Williams

    Director Assurance EY Galway

    Fantastic to see an innovative Irish product on the streets of Galway. Designed and manufactured by one of our clients and EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Ireland alumni. Congrats Tommy Griffith!

  • Capt. Brian Sheridan

    Capt. Brian Sheridan

    Harbour Master & Pilotage Superintendent

    All in all, I couldn't be happier with the PEL bins and with a reduction of 8 man hours per week it's like getting an extra days productivity for free and am happy to proceed with PEL solar compact bins at the Port of Galway.

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