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BB22 High Capacity Glass Bottle Crusher

The BB22 is a high capacity glass bottle crusher capable of  crushing up to 6000 bottles or jars per hour. The BB22 collects the waste glass in a large 660-liter container, integrated into the base of the unit. This makes the BB22 the ideal solution for large scale bottle crushing.


  • High capacity aperture for a simultaneous feed motion.
  • Safety flap, so the bottle crushing mechanism is inaccessible to the user, reducing risk of injury.
  • Powered by a single phase 13 Amp 3 Pin plug – Available in 3 phase
  • Crushing is done by two-swinging, wear resistant hammers.


  • BB22 reduces glass bottle volume by up to 80%.
  • Crushed glass is collected in a 660 litre container which holds up to the equivalent of 6000 bottles once crushed.
  • Crushed glass from the BB22 is 100% reprocessable into new glass products.

For technical specifications of the PEL BB22 glass bottle crusher, please download our brochure.

The BB22 glass bottle crusher is installed by a PEL service engineer.

Post installation training is carried out onsite by a PEL Service Engineer. All PEL waste reduction equipment is supplied with a user manual with full instructions and useful information on the safety specifications of the machine you have selected.

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We partner with our clients to reduce their waste disposal costs. All our clients have direct contact with us as the manufacturer and distributor of all our products.

We offer unlimited support and training on all our products. Training is particularly important as we want to be sure our clients know how to get the best out of our machines, in terms of cost savings, convenience, clearer spaces, environmental compliance and any other goals they may have.


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Purchase or Rental:

All of our clients have their own particular waste management challenges and requirements. With this in mind, PEL offer a choice between purchase or a rental agreement, whichever product you select. We partner with our clients to ensure they select the most appropriate and cost effective model for their own particular situation.

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