The Port of Galway have installed PEL Waste Reduction Equipment three solar powered compactor litter bins after the conclusion of a successful trial period. The bins, designed, developed and manufactured in Co. Mayo are available in 120 litre and 240 litre capacities and feature a solar powered compaction mechanism. which generates a litter compaction ratio of 10:1.  The compaction reduces bin litter volumes by approximately 90% and consequently, leads to a dramatic reduction in the number of required bin collections. Additionally, the bins are wirelessly connected to a data management dashboard which provides real-time visibility on operational status and bin-fill levels. This visibility allows the litter collection route planning and the focus of collection resources only on the litter bins that require servicing; increasing efficiency of the collection resources and an overall reduction in litter collection costs.

Commenting on the installation Captain Brian Sheridan – Harbour Master & Pilotage Superintendent states:

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the PEL bins and with a reduction of 8 man hours per week it’s like getting an extra day’s productivity for free and am happy to proceed with PEL solar compact bins at the Port of Galway.

The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment Solar Street Bin is manufactured to meet the requirements of the ISO9001 Quality Standard and is CE Certified.


About PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment based in Balla, Co. Mayo is a leading manufacturer of bottle crushers, refuse bin compactors, vertical balers and solar powered IoT litter bins and serves a global customer base via offices in Ireland, UK and a network of international distributors.  Since being founded in 2005, PEL has become recognized as leading innovator in waste reduction bringing many novel solutions to the market including the patented ‘Jaws’ range of bottle crushers and most recently the solar powered IoT litter bin.

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