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The PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ continues to receive extensive attention in the media as it is rolled out to customers across the UK.

The latest coverage has seen the SolarStreetBin™ featured on the BBC London News, the Sunday Telegraph ran a feature on how the product is solving issues with aggressive seagulls and cleaning up parks whilst the Daily Express reported on the PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ installation in Greenwich.

PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ Featured on BBC London NewsThe BBC London News showcased the PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ on its Wednesday 5th September evening news programme.  Gerry O’Boyle highlighted the merits of the SolarStreetBin™ including how it converts sunlight to energy which in turn powers a compactor that allows the PEL120SSB to hold the contents of up to 10 regular bins. He also explained that the SolarStreetBin™  sends an email to the council when the bin needs to be collected so the council can offer collection-on-demand for their fleet of bins.

Allison Ogden-Newton Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy also contributed to the piece.  She claims that the PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ actually reduces litter waste because the bin offers an opportunity for the public to recycle waste on the go.  She believes the SolarStreetBin™ will also reduce cigarette butt litter as smokers can drop their butts into the bin rather than dumping on the ground.

Denise Hyland of Greenwich Council explained how the SolarStreetBin™ is an absolutely smart way of doing business as the PEL120SSB is so efficient it reduces collections from seven-times a day to once-day along the High Street and the council gets an email when it needs to be collected!

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The Sunday Telegraph on 2nd September 2018 ran an editorial on the PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™. The article proclaimed that the SolarStreetBin™ promises an end to litter-strewn public spaces and aggressive seagulls by emailing collectors as they become full and will reduce the number of bin collections in parks and on busy pavements by up to 90 per cent.

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On Wednesday 1st August the Daily Express reported on how the Royal Borough of Greenwich in southeast London has installed 18 of the state of the art PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ installed to crush litter in south LondonPEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ solar-powered bins in a bid to improve efficiency of litter collections in the borough. Pairs of bins have been installed in Abbey Wood, Eltham, Greenwich, Shooters Hill, Woolwich town centre and Plumstead where they will eradicate unsightly overflowing bins even in the busiest of times as they crush down the litter and will digitally alert the collections staff when they need emptying.

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