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PEL180 Bag Compactor

The PEL180 Bag Compactor reduces weekly waste collections, saving money on waste disposal costs and freeing up space by reducing the number of bins required, allowing for a smaller, cleaner and tidier waste storage area.


  • Features mounted wheels within the small footprint so it can be easily moved to the source waste.
  • The hydraulic compactor head integrated into the PEL180BC will compact up to three bins into one bin, generating savings of up to 66% on bin collection charges.
  • The PEL 180 Bag Compactor is primed and finished with a hard-wearing powder topcoat, for a highly durable surface.


  • Creates space by compressing up to 10 plastic bags into 1
  • Generates savings across General and Recycling waste disposal costs.
  • Lowers your carbon footprint by reducing waste collections.
  • Ensures a cleaner and safer back-of-house for management and staff.

For technical specifications of the PEL180BC, please download our brochure.

The following requirements must be considered when choosing a location for your PEL 180 Bag Compactor:


  • A solid level floor is required, capable of supporting the 169kg machine, as well as forklifts and operators working in the general area.
  • Ample room around the machine is required to facilitate bin loading, inspection, maintenance and removal.
  • The proximity of an electrical supply (230V/50Hz plug) to power the machine.
  • Lighting at the location of the machine must be in accordance with Health and Safety regulations.
  • Adequate ventilation should be provided in the location of the machine.

While the PEL Bag Compactor is suitable for outdoor operation, we recommend locating the bag compactor indoors or at least in a covered area. This will prolong the working life of the machine.

We also recommend positioning the PEL Bin Compactor in a corner, with a wall to one side and along the back. This will protect the machine from possible bumps and scrapes from forklifts and other traffic. If this isn’t possible we recommend placing a protective barrier (e.g. metal barrier) to the back and sides of the machine, to reduce the risk of damage from passing traffic.

Post installation training is carried out onsite by a PEL Service Engineer. All PEL waste reduction equipment is supplied with a user manual with full instructions and useful information about the safety specifications of the model you have selected.

Person using laptop for PEL customer training waste disposal and reduction


We partner with our clients to reduce their waste disposal costs. All our clients have direct contact with us as the manufacturer and distributor of all our products.

We offer unlimited support and training across all product ranges. Training is particularly important as it ensures clients understand how to get the best out of our machines, in terms of cost saving.

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Purchase or Rental

All of our clients have their own specific waste management challenges. With that in mind, PEL offer all clients a choice between purchase and a rental agreement, on all products.  We partner with our clients to ensure they select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to their own particular needs.

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