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BriteBin™ IoT

The BriteBin™ IoT is the smart non-compacting litter bin within our BriteBin™ range. This unit provides a solution for managing general and recycling waste across towns and cities. The BriteBin™ IoT, with an integrated BriteBin™ sensor, improves efficiency across waste collections while also reducing carbon emissions.


  • Integrated sensor reporting real-time fill level data to the BriteBin™ Data Management platform.
  • Available in two sizes; 120 litre and 240litre.
  • Wireless connectivity to the SigFox or GSM networks.
  • Litter opening aperture is accessible from the front and back of the unit.
  • Robust galvanised vandal proof construction.


  • Reduces carbon emissions.
  • Zero running costs.
  • Reduces street litter collection costs by generating an alert upon reaching its maximum capacity.
  • Eliminates single use plastic use.
  • Creates efficiency across waste collection routes for councils and local authorities.
  • Contactless user experience with direct waste flow into the bin.

For technical specifications of the PEL BriteBin™ IoT, please download our brochure.

The PEL BriteBin™ is installed by a PEL service engineer. The surface where it is to be installed is inspected and, if suitable, the unit is then securely fixed to the pavement with 4 fixing screws. The PEL Engineer will activate the sensor which automatically registers the network the BriteBin™ Solar will operate off. The BriteBin™ will now generate data and report it directly to the BriteBin™ Data management platform, giving the council direct access to the current status of the unit.

The BriteBin™ IoT is now ready for use.

Post installation training on use of BriteBin™ is given on site by the PEL Service Engineer. Training on operation of the BriteBin™ data management platform is provided by a member of the PEL team via video call. All PEL equipment comes with a user manual with usage instructions, safety specifications and other useful information relating to the machine in question.

Person using laptop for PEL customer training waste disposal and reduction


We partner with our clients to reduce their waste disposal costs. All our clients have direct contact with us as the manufacturer and distributor of all our products.
We offer unlimited support and training across all product ranges. Training is particularly important as it ensures clients understand how to get the best out of our machines, in terms of cost saving.

pel smart compacting solar powered waste bin trash can beside river

Purchase or Rental:

Each of our clients has their own waste management challenges and requirements. With that in mind, PEL offer all clients a choice between purchase and a rental agreement, on our products. We partner with our clients to ensure they have the right machine for their needs, in terms of cost effectiveness, convenience and environmental obligations.

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