Finsbury Park

finsbury park britebin smart compacting solar bin

Prior to trial, Finsbury Park, London, had a fleet of standard street bins installed throughout the park. These bins, due to their low capacity in a high footfall park required frequent servicing. A single use plastic bag was required to replace the full bag from the bin each time the litter bins were emptied. The outdated design of these standard street litter bins featured an open top aperture. Due to the nature of this infinite open access, this provided seagulls and rodents direct entry to these bins to rummage and pilfer litter.

The Finsbury Park Solution

Over the past 8 months the council conducted a trail on a fleet of 120 litre and 240 litre BriteBins™ installed across Finsbury Park. These bins have an increased capacity allowing for a greater volume of waste to be collected ahead of servicing. The 240 and 120 litre model holds up to 20 times and 10 times the volume of the standard street bins previously in place. Not only have the BriteBins™ installed increased the volume of waste collected they have reduced all use of single use plastic bags across the park. This is thanks to the standard wheelie bin integrated into each BriteBin™. A reverse vendor process has been established in the park, whereby the bins are taken away by a tail truck, returned to the designated waste compound for emptying, and replaced with an empty wheelie bin to ensure continuous availability for use.

The innovative design of the BriteBin™ units installed featuring a flap opening aperture allows for a cleaner practice of waste disposal. The flap opening also allows a direct feed for litter into the unit opposed to a hopper opening. The Hopper opening becomes dirty overtime and needs regular cleaning to prevent odour or litter jamming in the feed. Further to this, a flap opening unit creates a cleaner touch-less user experience. The BriteBin™ foot-pedal operates the flap opening mechanism. There foot-pedal is integrated into the footprint of the bin, this removes the risk of a trip hazard in a heavy pedestrianised park. The sealed nature of the flap opening on the BriteBin™ Solar units also prevent birds and vermin gaining entry to the bin.

Customised Options Available

There are a variety of options available when ordering your PEL BriteBin™.

Size Of Unit

The BriteBin™ Solar is available in two sizes. Depending on the volume of litter, customers have a choice of a 120 or 240 litre model.

  • BBS 120ltr D 615 x W 624 x H 1480
  • BBS 240ltr D 760 x W 695 x H 1540

Litter Opening

There are two options for the litter opening. A hopper or a flap opening . We recommend cleaning the hopper every 2-3 months. The flap opening is used more commonly as they need to be cleaned less frequently. You can customize the size of the litter opening to your needs, upon request.

Service Door Location (120 litre Model)

The service door can be located at the front, back or side of the machine. This allows you to place the door where best suits the location of the bin. This avoids disruption to the general public.

Additional Extras

  • Bespoke Stickers
  • Ashtray (integrated / external)
  • Dog Litter Tray / Dog Litter Bag Dispenser
  • Custom Colour*

*minimum order required

About PEL

PEL in Ballindine, Co. Mayo is a leading manufacturer of bottle crushers, bin compactors, vertical balers and IoT litter bins serving a global customer base via offices in Ireland, the UK and a network of international distributors. The BriteBin™ is the latest addition to the product range and adds to PEL’s recognition as leading innovator in the waste reduction market.

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