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PEL Waste Reduction Equipment AgentBrite at TaytoPark

About Tayto Park/Problem:

Tayto Park, in Co Meath, is Ireland’s largest theme park and zoo. It is home to 100’s of attractions including The Cú Chulainn, Europe’s biggest wooden roller coaster, a 5D Cinema, and most recently they have partnered up with Nissan to bring Ireland’s first ever driving school for kids to the park. Located 30 minutes from Dublin City Centre, Tayto Park has become one of Ireland’s most popular paid attractions with as many as 720,000 visitors coming to the park each year. This high volume of visitors created a litter problem within Tayto Park and they turned to PEL Waste Reduction Equipment to address the issue.



In June of last year, PEL Waste Reduction Equipment installed 10 SolarStreetBin™ bins in Tayto Park to address the pre-existing bin overflow issues and increase the efficiency of the parks wastePEL Waste Reduction Equipment BriteBin at Taytopark management system. The IoT litter bins installed are fitted with a solar powered compaction system that enables the bin to hold up to 10 times more waste, a sensor for measuring litter levels within the bin, and a wireless transmitter which communicates the fill level data to the litter collections team and notifies them when it needs to be emptied.

The increased litter capacity and bin-fill sensor has led to a dramatic reduction in the number of visits required to service the bins, and has eradicated streetscape litter issues, particularly during the parks peak season. This reduction in litter collections has also enabled Tayto Park owners to lower direct greenhouse emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. The SolarStreetBin™ bins are installed in various locations across the park with bins designed for general waste and others for recycling waste, contributing to an increase in recycling rates on the parks grounds. The no-touch, foot pedal activated litter flap has eliminated hand hygiene concerns of users and protects it from vandal and vermin.

Recent Update/AgentBrite:

In continuing our partnership, this April, we installed AgentBrite to encourage more Tayto Park goers, both adults and children, to dispose of their waste correctly and highlight the efforts being taken by Tayto Park to create a safe and environmentally friendly space for visitors. AgentBrite brings greater awareness to the Solar Litter Bins provided across the park and urges everyone to take small actions to keep their local environment clean. While visiting, we spoke to some happy Tayto Park visitors who are delighted with the installation of AgentBrite and PEL Solar Street Bins across the park- “It’s terrific to see an Irish company behind such an innovative product – using sunlight to tackle litter pollution and lower emissions. AgentBrite encourages everyone to play a role in protecting our environment and we hope to see these everywhere soon!”.

About PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment based in Balla, Co. Mayo is a leading manufacturer of Bottle Crushers, Bin Compactors and Balers and serves a global customer base via offices in Ireland, UK and a network of international distributors.  Since being founded in 2005, PEL has become recognized as leading innovator in waste reduction bringing many novel solutions to the market including the patented ‘Jaws’ range of bottle crushers.

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About PEL

PEL in Ballindine, Co. Mayo is a leading manufacturer of bottle crushers, bin compactors, vertical balers and IoT litter bins serving a global customer base via offices in Ireland, the UK and a network of international distributors. The BriteBin™ is the latest addition to the product range and adds to PEL’s recognition as leading innovator in the waste reduction market.

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