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Gerry O'Boyle - UK Sales Manager
UK Sales Manager

Gerry O’Boyle is the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment UK Sales Manager. Call Gerry on +44 208 834 0436 or email


Gerry O’Boyle is a London based Irishman and a 30-year veteran of the UK hospitality industry. Gerry has successfully established and grown a number of pub businesses in the South East and being nominated for Time Out Best Bar in London on two occasions and being listed in the Courvoisier Best bars in the World book is testament to his astuteness in the sector.

Gerry has developed a large network of contacts over the course of his career and is using his industry knowledge and network to develop the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment business for waste glass bottle crushers and the other waste reduction equipment in the UK.

To that end, he has created a best practice demonstration site at The Boogaloo located in North London. This demonstration site utilises bottle crushers, cardboard balers and wheelie bin compactors to illustrate the savings in space and costs that can be achieved through deployment of the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment solutions. Customers like to see the products in a working environment and this site shows first-hand the benefits on offer in a real-life working environment.

Outside of business, Gerry is keen on the arts and is actively involved in promoting art events in London. He has a history of hosting literary events and book launches over the years as well as occasional concerts.

087 205 4300