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ELECTROPAK BINCategory: BriteBin™


The BriteBin™ ElectroPak is a foot pedal operated, compacting litter bin designed and developed to reduce risks of Covid-19 infection to the public via contact transmission when disposing of litter.

The ElectroPak BriteBin™ holds litter in a 120 litre wheelie bin located inside the bin itself. A mains powered internal compaction mechanism compacts the litter inside this wheelie bin and reduces its volume by up to 90%.

A bin-fill sensor monitors litter levels within the BriteBin™ ElectroPak and alerts the waste manager when the wheelie bin is full. Our BriteBin™ software generates this email/text alert when the bin is full and requires service.  This capability increases litter collection efficiency as resources can be directed towards bins requiring service rather collecting bins irrespective of the volume of waste they contain as is the current practice.

The foot-pedal design of the BriteBin™ ElectroPak means users do not have to touch the bin when disposing of litter. A special Cu+ antimicrobial coating provides further protection for the public and the sealed design makes the bin leak proof and ensures that odours and litter do not escape from the bin itself.

A range of accessories are available for the BriteBin™ ElectroPak including a disposable glove holder, automatic sanitiser or a mask holder – please contact us or call on 094 936 6923 to discuss your particular needs and we will work with you to meet those requirements.



• On-board compaction capability reduces litter volumes by up to x10
• Bin-fill sensor connected to cloud-based data management dashboard
• Accommodates a 120L wheelie bin or bag option also available
• 220V/50Hz mains electricity powered
• Wireless connectivity via SigFox, LoRa, NB-IoT or GSM network
• Rear or side opening lockable door
• Robust heavy duty galvanised construction with weather resistant finish
• Dimensions of BriteBin™ ElectroPak are 640mm (W) x 630mm (D) x 1345mm (H)
• Special Cu+ antimicrobial coating
• Secure litter flap operated by foot pedal
• Range of exterior colors available
• Leak, odour & litter escape proof design
• Disposable glove and mask holder
• Automatic hand sanitiser
• BriteBin™ ElectroPak is manufactured to ISO9001 & is CE Certified


The BriteBin™ ElectroPak reduces potential Covid-19infection via contact transmission.

BriteBin™ ElectroPak provides visibility and alerts on bin fill levels and eliminates risks of overflowing bins containing infectious wastes.

Allows waste manager to focus litter collection resources only on bins requiring service.

The BriteBin™ ElectroPak compacts litter into a standard wheelie bin and reduces its volume by 90%.

Additional Benefits of the BriteBin™ ElectroPak include:


ElectroPak uses standard 220V/50Hz to power compaction system


Litter flap is opened by foot pedal creating a contactless user experience and eliminates hand hygiene concerns of users


BriteBin™ Technology increases litter collection efficiencies and eliminates bin-overflow concerns


Long lifespan & vandal proof construction will increase ‘in-use’ lifespan of the bin


Eliminates contact transmission risks and removes manual handling issues associated with bags

ElectroPak Bin Brochure

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  • Niall Kelly

    Niall Kelly

    Regional Procurement Manager | Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

    The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment range of bin compactors, balers and bottle crushers have generated significant waste disposal cost savings and increased staff efficiencies across the Rezidor Hotel Group over the course of the last 4 years. I have no hesitation in recommending PEL’s range of equipment.

  • Jamie Williams

    Jamie Williams

    Director Assurance EY Galway

    Fantastic to see an innovative Irish product on the streets of Galway. Designed and manufactured by one of our clients and EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Ireland alumni. Congrats Tommy Griffith!

  • Capt. Brian Sheridan

    Capt. Brian Sheridan

    Harbour Master & Pilotage Superintendent

    All in all, I couldn't be happier with the PEL bins and with a reduction of 8 man hours per week it's like getting an extra days productivity for free and am happy to proceed with PEL solar compact bins at the Port of Galway.

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