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Galway City Council Embraces IoT SolarStreetBin™ Technology in Fight against City Litter

SolarStreetBin™ Litter Bins Installed in Galway City

SolarStreetBin™ Installed in Galway City Galway City Council has installed fifty (50)  solar powered IoT SolarStreetBin™ litter bins from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment as a follow-up to a successful six-month trial of IoT litter bin technology in 2018.

Galway City Council have completed the installation of fifty SolarStreetBin™ litter bins in a bid to fight the mounting volumes of litter across the city. The bins, commissioned after a successful extended trial in 2018, hold up to ten times the quantity of litter compared to a standard bin. The  SolarStreetBin™ litter bins are equipped with a sensor and communications technology which notifies the Council when the bin is full. This high-technology solution will (more…)

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SolarStreetBin™ Weathers Storm Callum

SolarStreetBin™ Weathers Storm Callum in Port of Galway

SolarStreetBin™ Weathers Storm Callum

Storm Callum packing winds of 130KM per hour swept through Ireland last night bringing down trees, knocking out electricity & causing major inconvenience to those caught in its path.

The west of Ireland has been particularly hard hit by the latest Atlantic storm to visit our shores. The strong winds in combination with a high tide has brought flooding to Galway City.  The dock area, where PEL Waste Reduction Equipment has a number of the SolarStreetBinTM litter bins installed, is currently under water. However the bins are continuing to function because they are designed to take account of all weather conditions including being immersed in sea water. (more…)

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PEL120SSB Solar Street Bin Media Coverage Banner

PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ Media Coverage

The PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ continues to receive extensive attention in the media as it is rolled out to customers across the UK.

The latest coverage has seen the SolarStreetBin™ featured on the BBC London News, the Sunday Telegraph ran a feature on how the product is solving issues with aggressive seagulls and cleaning up parks whilst the Daily Express reported on the PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ installation in Greenwich.

PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ Featured on BBC London NewsThe BBC London News showcased the PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin™ on its Wednesday 5th September evening news programme.  Gerry O’Boyle highlighted the merits of the SolarStreetBin™ including how it converts sunlight to energy which in turn powers a compactor that allows the PEL120SSB to hold the contents of up to 10 regular bins. (more…)

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IoT SolarStreetBin™ Installed in Greenwich Council

Greenwich Council Embraces IoT SolarStreetBin™

IoT SolarStreetBin™ with Fill-Level Sensor alerts Greenwich Council when Collection Required.

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment SolarStreetBin™ on Eltham High Street - July 2018The Royal Borough of Greenwich has installed 18 PEL Waste Reduction Equipment’s solar powered IoT SolarStreetBin™ with a view to increasing the efficiency of bin collection service in the borough.

Greenwich Council is looking at the potential of IoT litter bins to improve the litter collection service offered by the borough. The PEL120SSB solar powered IoT litter bin, sourced from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment is supplied with a compaction system, a sensor for measuring litter levels within the bin and a wireless transmitter which communicates the fill-level data to the borough’s litter collections team.

The PEL120SSB IoT SolarStreetBin™ bins have been installed in nine busy high street locations across the borough and will replace the existing double chamber bins used in those locations. The bins are being deployed in pairs with one bin designated for general waste with the second bin in the station labelled for recycling wastes. (more…)

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PEL240SSB IoT SolarStreetBin™ Litter Bin Installed on the Promenade Salthill Galway

IoT SolarStreetBin™ litter bin Installed by Galway City Council

Galway City Council are investigating the potential of IoT technologies to improve the city’s  litter collection service

Galway City Council have installed ten SolarStreetBin litter bins from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment in Eyre Square, along Shop Street and on the Salthill Promenade. The IoT SolarStreetBin litter bin installations form part of a project investigating the potential of IoT (Internet-of-Things) technologies to impact the efficiency of litter collections in the city.

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment PEL240SSB SolarStreetBin™ IoT litter Bin on the Prom in Salthill GalwayThe PEL Waste Reduction Equipment SolarStreetBin is a solar powered IoT litter bin manufactured by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment based in Co. Mayo. The bin is designed to hold up to x10 the quantity of litter compared to a standard 120 Litre or 240 Litre wheelie bin.  (more…)

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SolarStreetBin™ Installed in Belmullet Co. Mayo

SolarStreetBin™ Installed in Belmullet Co. Mayo

The SolarStreetBin™ installed in Belmullet Co. Mayo is a solar powered litter bin with integrated compaction and communication modules which are planned to increase the efficiency of the litter collection service in the town.

SolarStreetBin™ Installed in Belmullet Co Mayo

SolarStreetBin™ discussion in Belmullet

Representatives from Belmullet Tidy Towns and Mayo County Council were on hand to supervise the installation of the SolarStreetBin™ bins last Friday in Belmullet.  A combination of the 120 Litre capacity PEL120SSB(more…)

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PEL Installs Solar Compacting Bins in Paris

Paris Installs PEL Solar Compacting Bins

Solar Compacting Bins from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment Installed in Paris

Paris Municipality has installed fourteen PEL Waste Reduction Equipment solar compacting bins in the Opéra district as part of an evaluation programme being carried out by the city to improve and save on litter collection costs.

The Paris Municipality has installed fourteen of the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment SolarStreetBinTM IoT solar compacting bins in the 9th District or arrondissement on the right bank of the city.  The installation is an assessment of innovative litter collection technologies by the City Municipality. Specifically, the project is evaluating the potential of IoT solar compacting bins to improve the litter collection service in the district and save on the costs associated with that service. (more…)

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Haringey Council Halts Litter in its Tracks with the SolarStreetBin™

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment SolarStreetBinTM at Finsbury Park LondonHaringey Council Halts Litter in its Tracks with the SolarStreetBin™

The London Borough of Haringey has installed PEL Waste Reduction Equipment’s SolarStreetBinTM in Finsbury Park in order to increase the efficiency of litter collections within the park.

Haringey Council has installed the PEL120SSB SolarStreetBinTM in Finsbury Park which lies within the confines of the North London Borough. The PEL120SSB is a solar powered IoT litter bin designed to save councils such as Haringey and local authorities on the total cost of their litter collections service. It is forecast that the SolarStreetBinTM will reduce litter collections in the park by up to 90% whilst making the park a cleaner and safer environment for users of the amenity. (more…)

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SolarStreetBin Products on the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment Booth at IFAT2018

Highlights from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment at the IFAT2018 Show

IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies and PEL Waste Reduction Equipment joined more than 3,330 exhibitors from 58 countries who participated at the show held at Messe Munich from 14th-18th May 2018.  SolarStreetBin™ ; our solar powered IoT SolarStreetBin™ bin was launched at IFAT2018 and PEL Waste Reduction Equipment enjoyed a very busy five days sharing ideas, experiences and know-how on the product with many of the more than 141,000 visitors who visited the exhibition over the course of the week. (more…)

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PEL Waste Reduction Equipment Showcasing the SolarStreetBinTM at IFAT2018

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment will showcase the SolarStreetBinTM in Hall 5, Stand 435 at IFAT2018 taking place in Munich, Germany from 14th-18th May 2018. The SolarStreetBin is the latest innovation from PEL Waste Reduction Equipment and will dramatically cut litter collection costs for Councils, Local Authorities, Property Management companies or other organisations deploying it as part of their litter collection service. (more…)

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