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Managing waste is a challenge; not the time to physically manage the waste but also in terms of the time involved in developing the processes insuring compliance with the regulations.  The expense of waste disposal is a significant headache for the retail sector.  Even though huge steps have been made in reduction, recycling and reuse, retail customers still generate waste and huge costs are being incurred in meeting the various obligations under the waste management legislation.

The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment electric and solar powered refuse bin compactors compress or compact bin waste by a factor of 3:1. Products are available for 240 Litre, 360 Litre, 660 Litre & 1100 Litre bin sizes & the machines save money by reducing the number of waste bins customers required to manage their general and recycling wastes. The bin compactors also create space by reducing the number of bins required to manage the waste being produced.  There are four machines in the PEL portfolio of balers; the PEL 200 baler is the smallest machine producing a 25 Kg bale & is suitable for cardboard & plastic wastes typically produced in retail. The wide aperture of the PEL700 baler allows hard corner boxes to be loaded directly into the machine which makes it ideal for the retail customer. The PEL1500A baler offers an automatic bale cycle and produces a bale of approximately 150-200Kg whilst the PEL 5500 Mill Sized Baler produces a bale of 400-500 Kg dependent on the material being baled.

The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment solar powered IoT litter bin is ideal for those retail customers who have responsibility for litter collections and wish to reduce the overall costs of those collections. The SolarStreetBinTM increases the litter bin capacity by up to 90% and the BriteBinTM software gives complete visibility on when the bin needs to be collected allowing litter collections to be planned for optimum efficiency.

All PEL Waste Reduction Equipment products are designed, developed & manufactured in Ireland, are built to the ISO9001 Quality Standard and are provided with a CE Certificate.

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