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Waste is seen as an unavoidable yet significant cost for schools and colleges. On average, one 1100 litre bin of general waste is created per week for every 100 pupils in a school or college and as collection costs continue to increase this is placing enormous pressure on budgets. PEL Waste Reduction Equipment believe that a focus on waste collection costs offers an excellent opportunity for schools to save money especially as schools are put under increasing pressure to slash spending and improve efficiencies.

At PEL Waste Reduction Equipment we work with schools of all sizes to help reduce their waste disposal costs.  It is common practice for the school’s waste management company to charge a fee for each time they collect or empty one of these bins.  If a school can reduce the number of bin collections, then the total cost of managing its waste is reduced. A PEL Waste Reduction Equipment bin compactor allows up to three bins of waste to be consolidated into one bin i.e. the PEL1100 machine can compact up to three 1100 Litre wheelie bins of waste into one 1100 Litre wheelie bin. This compaction process will reduce the number of bin lifts and by default, the schools waste management costs. The cost saving can be up to 66% depending on the number of bins of waste being produced by the school.

The PEL range of 240 Litre, 360 Litre, 660 Litre and 1100 Litre Bin Compactors compact waste in your bin ensuring more waste is fitted in per unit volume of bin space available.  Additional benefits include a reduction in the number of waste bins required and handling costs for those bins, smaller, cleaner and tidier waste storage areas, a lower carbon footprint through reduced traffic associated with waste collections and the potential to generate revenue from the waste being produced. We have installed Bin Compactors in over 40 Secondary Schools nationwide to date and many of these schools are now enjoying savings of over 66% on their annual waste disposal costs.

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment also supply a range of cardboard and plastic balers for baling loose paper, cardboard, plastics and other recyclable waste materials. Our baler products will reduce the volume of these materials by up to 90% which will reduce your cost of disposal for these recyclables.

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